Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Snake The Cross The Crown

The Snake The Cross The Crown, awesome band off of equal vision whose folk rock stylings are a nice departure from EV's usual roster of hardcore bands. Broke this out today while biking around town, put me in a wonderful mood. check it out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars

wow, awesome band out of staten island. not even going to describe this, just get it, the record is amazing.  they are playing in philly at reward (new venue, does anyone know anything about this place? it is in old city and that makes me feel weird) on june 5th, and pitchfork in july.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Phosphorescent, (the stage name for country/folk troubadour Matthew Houck) is to say the least, pretty incredible. kind of like bon iver sometimes, but more folky if that makes sense.  i had to chance to see some of his show at Johnny Brendas a whiles back, i had no idea who he was, but i was blown away and have been listening ever since. below are his two most recent records. "Pride" (2007) an LP of originals and "To Willie" (2009) an LP of Willie Nelson covers that are stunning.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Matthew and The Judes

Old friend (birthday parties at TNT old), good tunes. minus his judes here,these are some very pleasant acoustic tunes, mostly covers, a new original. please DL this, you wont be sad about it. then immidieatly go pick up his where on earth ep, one of the most sincere set of songs i have heard in a long time. anywho, enjoy.  

Monday, May 11, 2009


With my rare day off from rusties on saturday, I found myself traveling to west philly for some music.  hanging out in the woods helped me to realize two things. one; I am living in the completely wrong neighborhood as far as there being cute hipster type girls on EVERY SINGLE CORNER and two; the best bands i have seen live within the past year or so, have been bands i have never heard of, and had no intention of seeing, and this is where birdlips comes in.  I found myself at the green line cafe to check out one of andys friends band, and DC's birdlips was the opening act. a guy/girl couple combo, their use of simple drum loops, acoustic guitar and synth, provides a charming base for some beautiful harmonies. please check this out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tickley Feather

Quirky lo-fi weirdness out of west philly. lots of loops and children (her son is all over this record). kinda sounds like if casiotone for the painfully alone was a former member of animal collective. absolutely worth checking out.  I will be making a rare trip to west philly this saturday to check her out at danger danger. 

Tiny Vipers.... and much needed updates

First order of business = updates/changes. 
I started this blog with the original intention of finding and reviewing new records that I had come across and found interesting. However, as you can tell from the last time i posted, I am simply too lazy for that. Long diatribes about what i think of record A or B are kind of a pain to write when you feel like you HAVE to write them, plus, who cares what I think?  No one. 
With that said, I will still be posting oodles and oodles of music on this page, but no longer will it have to be new, or reviewed.  From now on I will just use this site as a forum to share with you music I find amazing, and that i think more people should know about. So enough with the ranting, on with the music...

beautiful solo acoustic/folky stuff. good record to listen to while chillin with some bros or falling asleep to. new record coming out in July on sub-pop.  she is playing the church on June 23rd, seated chapel show!  so check it out and if ya like it come with me to the show. 

on a side note, I have off work this saturday, and the weather is supposed to be stupendous, who is down for some day time drinking/bbq action? get at me.