Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiny Vipers.... and much needed updates

First order of business = updates/changes. 
I started this blog with the original intention of finding and reviewing new records that I had come across and found interesting. However, as you can tell from the last time i posted, I am simply too lazy for that. Long diatribes about what i think of record A or B are kind of a pain to write when you feel like you HAVE to write them, plus, who cares what I think?  No one. 
With that said, I will still be posting oodles and oodles of music on this page, but no longer will it have to be new, or reviewed.  From now on I will just use this site as a forum to share with you music I find amazing, and that i think more people should know about. So enough with the ranting, on with the music...

beautiful solo acoustic/folky stuff. good record to listen to while chillin with some bros or falling asleep to. new record coming out in July on sub-pop.  she is playing the church on June 23rd, seated chapel show!  so check it out and if ya like it come with me to the show. 

on a side note, I have off work this saturday, and the weather is supposed to be stupendous, who is down for some day time drinking/bbq action? get at me. 


  1. Cool idea dude! Thanks for the free new tunes Deven.

  2. Aaack! God good fucking call on this...I am schvitzing over "Shipwreck"...thanks!